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How do I get started?

Please watch our video on how to get started with Glass.

For more details on how to download Glass and access your activation code visit Glass App.

Finally, you can also download our step-by-step guide of how to use the app here.

How do I use the Glass App & Portal?

For more information on the Glass App & Portal click here.

Please watch our video which gives full guidance on how to use Glass.

You can also download our step-by-step guide of how to use the app here.

I’ve downloaded the app, what’s my activation and customer code?

You will find you activation and customer code on your Glass registration letter. If you cannot find your Glass registration letter, please contact

The activation and customer code are used for security reasons so that we can ensure only the approved resident/account holder can register a property onto the Glass app.

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I have this following message appear in my Glass app "Client Side Error Occurred"

 This is a systems error, please call us on 0800 138 4560 or email We’ll investigate and resolve this for you.

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The balance on my meter is out of date

Due to the way some meters provide readings, we experience a one-day delay on balance and reading updates. If you have a delay of more than one-day, this could be a communications issue with your meter. Move any metal or electronic items away from your meter, if the issue persists please get in touch at or on 0800 138 4560

Where is my money section or usage sections in my Glass app?

Please watch this video for full guidance on how to use Glass and access these sections.

Some meter types are unable to send regular readings which means that these sections may be hidden if you have this type of meter. If your meter is upgraded these features will become visible in your Glass app.

For more information visit Glass App

I can’t enter a payment card number

Please refresh the page, if the problem persists try an alternative device to log into your Glass account or try to access Glass via the website address

If you still experience issues please get in touch on 0800 138 4560 or email

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Please note that payments taken from your account will be under Vital Energi Utilities Limited.


I’ve had a new meter installed

If you have had a new meter installed, please allow between 5 to 10 working days for your new meter to be updated.

Once updated your new meter should appear in your Glass account.

Your old information will still be visible and marked as “Previous Meter”.

My heating doesn’t change when I update my set point or change my heating schedule

Set point and schedule changes can take up to 5 minutes to update, as this depends on the signal strength between your meter and the internet.

Please make one change at a time, allow time for this to take affect before attempting another change.

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    on 0800 138 4560, email us or complete the form below:

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