My heating system

Getting to know your heating system is essential as it will help you to understand how much energy you use and how you can save money.

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What is a heat network or community energy project?

A heat network supplies heating and hot water, which is generated locally in a boiler room or energy centre and is distributed through a network of insulated pipes to your home.

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What equipment do I have in my home?

Heat Interface Unit

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Your home may have a Heat Interface Unit (HIU) installed. It looks very similar to a traditional combination boiler and transfers the heat from the network into your home.

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Heat Meter

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Your heat meter is an essential part of your metering system as it measures the amount of heat you use. This information is used to calculate your bills ensuring you only pay for the heat you use.

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VPro Rezied

If you are a prepayment customer, you will have a vPro2 in-home hub with an interactive display, designed to help you budget and control your energy usage.

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Glass App

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The Glass App & Portal in your online account platform developed to give you greater transparency and control over your energy usage and spend anytime anywhere. Available on mobile phone, tablet or desktop.

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Additional questions

Who manages my heat network?

The company who supplies, sets your tariff and charges you for the supply of heating, hot water and cooling is responsible for your heat network.

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Can I switch supplier?

No. As the heat for your property is generated from a central source, you cannot switch suppliers.

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Are heat networks helping to reduce carbon emissions?

The UK Government is aiming to reduce the UK’s carbon emissions by 80% by 2050, heat networks is a key technology to help achieve this target. Many of the networks we provide metering and billing for deliver large carbon savings.

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