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It's frustrating when your heating system isn't working correctly. Please follow these three steps. if you still experience issues please contact your energy supplier who can approve any necessary repairs or improvements.

I think I have a fault with my heating system
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Settings - Check if your Heat Interface Unit is switched on and it is not just set to come on when the ambient temperature drops too low.


In-home display - Check your in-home display or Glass for energy usage, spend information and messages (where applicable).


Check balance - Are you in credit and have paid for any outstanding friendly credit? Finally check if you have hot water only.

It would also be useful to understand

Glass Faq

  1. Do your neighbours have the same issue?

  2. Is the electricity working in your home?

  3. Is the switch next to your heat interface unit in the 'on' position?

  4. Is the thermostat turned up and timer turned on?

  5. Please check that the thermostat is not set to 'summer mode'.
  6. How to prepare for a service or call out
Glass Faq

After following these steps, please contact your energy supplier.

Who is my energy supplier?
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