How do I save energy and money?

Why is my energy usage so high?

The amount of energy you use can depend on a variety of reasons, including it being the 'heating season' (October - March) where we typically use more energy given the colder months.

If you are concerned, please carry out the following checks on your heating system before contacting your Housing Association/Services provider.

  • Is the timer set on your heating programmer, meaning the heating comes on when you do not need it to?
  • Check that the temperature isn't set to high on your programmer.
  • Check the in-home display for the spend/consumption data.
  • Please visit our Energy Savings Advice page for tips on reducing your usage.

Following carrying out these checks, please contact your housing association, landlord or managing agent. If you own the property, please contact us at or on 0800 138 4560

Energy saving tips

We offer a range of energy saving tips on the following pages:

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