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In-home display (IHD)

Is a digital screen that you may have installed in your home which gives you information about your energy usage and spend.

Heat Interface Unit (HIU)

Provides the functionality of a gas boiler within your home, but without the hazards associated with combustion

PAN Number

Long reference number on your prepayment card.

Vend Code

The 16-digit number generated after a payment has been made at a PayPoint location.


This is your online customer account platform which can be access through an app or website link.

To get started visit Glass App

Please contact glass@lighthouse-energy.co.uk if you have any questions.


The vPro2 is hardware that provides you with prepayment services. It also enables you to view your usage and make payments.

Heat Network / District Heating Scheme

A heat network or district heating scheme is a system of insulated pipes that takes heat from a central source, such as an energy centre, and delivers it to your home and other homes or buildings on the network.

To learn more about living on a heat network and your heating system visit My Heating System

Energy Centre

An energy centre is a building that houses equipment which generates heat and hot water to each property on the heat network.

Energy Bill Relief Scheme

Energy Bill Relief Scheme (EBRS) is a government scheme designed to support all eligible customers with the cost of their energy bills. For more information please speak directly to your energy supplier. Suppliers will automatically apply reductions to the bills of all eligible customers, you do not need to apply for your discount.

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