Nominate a third party

You can name someone to act on your behalf, while remaining responsible for your energy.

You can name a family member, carer or someone else to act you’re your behalf and support you with your energy needs. If you would like to nominate someone you need to send us written confirmation, by letter to our postal address or email to

Please reference your customer number when contacting us. This can be found on your welcome letter and you can also find your customer number on your prepayment card (it is the number beginning with 200, 211 or 212)

Contact us

If you would like your landlord or managing agent to act on your behalf, as the account holder you will need to complete and sign an authorisation form. Please call the team on 0800 138 4560 to request a nomination form, or download the form by clicking the link below.

Download Letting Agent / Landlord Authorisation Form

Further details can be found here [get in touch page link].

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